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The Restaurant

In our kitchen we give preference to local products. The ingredients from which we prepare food must be seasonal and fresh.

No long menus at our restaurant!

Our internal magazine Priporočnik (suggestions) respects the seasons and offers a few carefully selected dishes, based on local, fresh and seasonal ingredients. We have four sommeliers, who will be happy to advise you a wine to complement your dishes. We offer more than 60 different bottles. In case you are more of a beer drinker, do not worry: you can find something to your taste - even a local craft beer.

Our restaurant’s specialty is the Krško polje pork: this kind of pig is the only autochthonous type of pig, native to this area (Krško polje). This type of pork has a better ratio between omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and is therefore healthier, juicier, more aromatic and tenderer than the meat of other pig types.

All the above-mentioned reasons prove that the Krško polje pig has become an important staple of our cuisine. The dance of the pigs figures in the arched ceiling of our hall, where you can also see an art piece, created by the designer Mitja Bobnar, made of artificial pig intestine. The little pig is seen in a playful mood, playing in our play park for kids, and has become a star of our restaurant.

There is a restaurant room, a breakfast room, a dining hall and two terraces. All together, the restaurant can cater to up to 280 guests at once.


  • Working hours
  • The Restaurant
  • Mon – Sat:

    7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

  • Sundays and holidays: closed
  • Hotel
  • Ulica Mladinskih del. Brigad 1
    8273, Leskovec pri Krškem
  • +386 (0)7 488 03 18
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