Gostilna in hotel Kunst
The Kunst Family

For Friends

In the evening our inn is usually visited by our friend or co-workers who wish to enjoy a pleasant meal and chat as well as a toast with top wines of the region.

Srečo, the boss of Inn Kunst, always in a joyful mood as a proper innkeeper. When not on duty, he likes to be on the theatre stage as acting is also his passion. He is often very busy, but when you find common ground, you can meet him at Balaševič’s concert.

Breda, caring and kind, a real mother, who knows what Potratna potica is and she always bakes it for holidays. She loves nature so the inn always has natural décor and real flowers. When time allows, she likes to go to the fields to pick up authentic flowers.

Nejc, young and ambitious, with a great sense of humour. He is where good vine and a guitar are, from the Balkans to Japan. Nejc likes to listen to a good story by the wine growers and he also likes to try good vine.

Tjaša, mischievous, with sparks in her eyes and dialect from Šempeter. She loves to swing and her style is vintage, but not just in music, clothes and cars; but also in old recipes. She sometimes takes a turn to a famer’s kitchen so that her and the cook can bake homemade bread and prepare potica.

Tamara has joined our family in 2013. A girl from Novi Sad with good looks and cute Slovenian accent, who, has introduced kaymak and a lot of good Serbian recipes to our family. The guests from ex Yugoslavia are absolutely delighted when she tells them that they are the reason why she learned Serbian language.

We wish that you will bring your friends to our inn both happily and with pride and that you will all help to spread the word about us.